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Mikki Leek Daniel

Truelene Roberts

Andrew Kuiper

The following two individuals are suspects in multiple vehicle burglaries and credit card abuse cases that the Sulphur Springs Police Department is working. If you recognize either of these two men, please contact Detective Shurtleff at (903)885-7602 or Crime Stoppers at (903)885-2020 and please don't post their identities on this public forum. ... See MoreSee Less

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6 hours ago


Katie Vossler returns tomorrow! Who's excited? ... See MoreSee Less

Katie Vossler returns tomorrow! Whos excited?

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Glad Katie is coming back. Makayla is awesome and so much better than Cody. Hands down. jmo

Welcome back

Mark Scirto is excited...that’s who! πŸ˜‚

Katie, your baby needs you more than #7 ...STAY home!

I am excited! I love Ms. Katie and her ACCURACY!

I miss her and will be glad she's back but Makayla is great also!

Excited to see a pic of her new bundle of joy. Congrats on your returning..

It’ll be good, to see her back. Michelle M.

I am , it's not the same

My daughter lol she asks everyday and she's 13. It's amazing the things children pay attention to.

Can't wait

Katie is the perfect ....PERSONALITY ....she fits in seamlessly with lane an ericka

It’s just not the same without her.

Malaya is defiantly an improvement over Jessica faith...she just never seemed comfortable always seem awkward in her delivery....Malaya seems much more at ease....I hope she continues on with channel 7.....that said yes...I will be glad to see Katie back

We have missed you but Makayla has been wonderful. Special thanks to KLTV weather team for keeping us informed through the storms.

Keep Makayla!!!

Welcome back

I am, l missed her.

Bienvenida Katie Vossie Dios le bendiga

Glad she will be back....

Yes !


I do think makyla has a future tho...Dosent seem to fit as effortless with the morning show crew

7 hours ago


A mostly cloudy day today with a slight chance for rain, especially in the afternoon. Storm chances return for Wednesday night with clearing on Thursday evening. Makayla Lucero KLTV has your forecast sponsored by East Texas Professional Credit Union. ... See MoreSee Less

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You have been wonderful Makayla....Katie has a great backup!

Thank you Makayla

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