About Us

Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc. is a living example of democracy in action. Co-op members wholly own the telephone company.

Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc. was founded in 1967. The Bell telephone system (AT&T prior to 1984) chose not to serve our area because it wasn’t profitable to run lines out from the nearest city. So people in our area joined together, developed, financed, and built Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc. As a co-op member you are a part of a decades long tradition.

Our up to date technology allows us to provide our members service equal to, or surpassing, larger phone companies.

Co-op members realize many benefits. As a cooperative any profit we make throughout the year is allocated to our members in the form of patronage capital. Patronage capital is returned to members based on their total billed amount by Cumby Telephone Co-op.

Cumby Telephone Cooperative is a vital part of the community. Our commitment to members goes far beyond the bottom-line. We are partners with the community we serve. One of the ways we support the community is by offering scholarship programs for local students.

Cumby Telephone Cooperative is only as good as our members. We welcome you to become an active co-op member. We welcome your feedback and participation. Be sure to attend annual meetings and let us know how we’re doing. We welcome your suggestions so that we may serve our community better.

It’s your company. Lets make it the best it can be!