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This video describes the truth about how fast emergency personel can find a caller verses landline 911 calls.
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Long Distance Services


Stay in touch with friends, loved ones, and business associates no matter the distance.   Personal Touch Long Distance by Cumby Telephone Cooperative offers it's members low cost, quality, long distance telephone service.
Personal Touch has several long distance calling plans.  One is certain to fit your needs.
  • Flat rate - $.10 per minute
  • Residential 1 - 60 minutes long distance time per month - $2.95
  • Residential 2 - 300 minutes long distance time per month - $5.00
  • Business 1 - 600 minutes long distance time per month - $10.95*
*Price may vary in other exchanges.
*Each minute above the rate plan maximum is billed at $.12 per minute.
An 800 Number is the perfect way for businesses to encourage calls from potential and existing customers.  Call or email the Cumby Telephone office for information about Personal Touch competitively priced 800 number option.
For further details and information on any of these products and services call the office at 903-994-2211
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