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This video describes the truth about how fast emergency personel can find a caller verses landline 911 calls.
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The Internet has become as vital to everyday life as electricity and telephone service. Personal Touch Communications, a subsidiary of inTouch by CumbyTel, Telephone Cooperative, offers a variety of Internet services and resources for both personal and professional applications. Our commitment to quality service and individual satisfaction sets us apart from other Internet Service Providers.  You should expect nothing less.

Personal Touch offers Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).  DSL delivers very fast, digital connections over your existing copper telephone line.  The always-on connection means you won't have to wait for dial-in or have to deal with busy signals.  And DSL service doesn't tie up your phone line.  You can still receive telephone calls while surfing the net or retrieving your email.

 DSL service is currently available in the Brashear, Cooper, Cumby, Lone Oak, Shirley and Miller Grove areas.  There are distance limitations with DSL service. Call or email the business office.  We will test the quality of your line and determine the distance of your computer from the office to see if you are eligible for DSL service.

Residental DSL service begins at $49.95 per month for up to 10 Mbps download or $69.95 per month for up to 20 Mbps download. 

Business DSL service begins at $69.95 for up to 10 Mbps and up to 20 Mbps for $89.95.

For further information about internet services call the InTouch by CumbyTel office.
Use a surge protector with line protection to protect the modem and computer components from electrical line fluctuations or lightening.
Use a backup battery, also called an Uninterruptible Power Source or UPS at all times.  In the event of power outage the UPS continues to power your computer for a short time so that you may safely shut it down.
A good website to go to check the speed of your connection is Choose Dallas as the closest location to start the test. Or

If you get a new wireless device and you have a wireless modem/router combo, your wireless secure code or key will be located on the label on the bottom of router.  On the Comtrend modem/ router that has one antenna  it is the last 10 digits of of the 12 letter number combination of the MAC (all letters are lower case.) On the Visionnet the seperate sticker that says: WPA key is... use the full 12 letter and number combination all letters will be capitals. If you have a Visionnet with no seperate sticker, it will be the Primary Lan MAC which is above the last bar code. On the Comtrend modem/router model number AR-5381-u with two antennas it is the full MAC all caps on the letters and all 12 letters and numbers. The Comtrend AR-5312-u has the WiFi code on the label. The Zyxel modem/router has the WiFi code on the label.

If you already have a wireless router you may purchase a bridge modem for $35.00 to connect it to.


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