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CumbyTel Co-op
by Travis Zimmerman



Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc.





Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc. is committed to providing broadband access service based on network management policies that protect and empower our broadband access customers, and maximize the benefits of the Internet experience for all customers.


General Policies


A.    Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc. will provide connections and transport services to the public Internet to customers and  will manage its network and provide access in accordance with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) Open Internet Rules (adopted December 21, 2010) and in compliance with any future Internet policies or rules adopted by the FCC.  


B.     To ensure Open Access to the Broadband Internet, Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc. will not unjustly or unreasonably:


·         Block, interfere with or degrade an end user’s ability to access, use, send, post, receive, or offer lawful content (including fair use), applications, or services of the user’s choice;


·         Block, interfere with or degrade an end user’s ability to connect and use the end user’s choice of legal devices that do not harm the network;

·         Prevent or interfere with competition among network, application, service or content providers;

·         Engage in discrimination against any lawful Internet content, application, service or service provider with respect to network management practices, network performance characteristics, or commercial terms and conditions;

·         Give preference to affiliated content, applications, or services with respect to network management practices, network performance characteristics, or commercial terms and conditions;

              C.  Applicable Laws


·         Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc. complies with the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitations Act, a portion of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that allows Internet service providers to remove or disconnect customer access to copyright infringing material;  

·         Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc. complies with all other applicable laws and regulations, including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.


D.  Network Security and Congestion Management Policies


For the safety and privacy of our access customers and with respect for all customers, Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc.


·             Follows standard best efforts for Internet delivery     with respect to allocation of capacity without differentiation among applications, providers, or sources; uses generally accepted technical measures such as application-neutral bandwidth allocation, as well as measures to address service attacks, illegal content and other harmful activities to protect network integrity and reliability to provide acceptable service levels to all customers.

·         Reserves the right to prioritize traffic based on real time and non-real time applications during heavy congestion periods based on generally accepted technical measures.



Pricing and Terms and Conditions of Service


Please click on the following website link(s) for information about pricing and terms and conditions of service, including Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc. privacy policy and redress options: Cumby Telephone prices


Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc. network management practices do not entail inspection of network traffic, and Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc. does not store traffic information, provide traffic information to third parties, or use traffic information for non-network management purposes.


Performance Characteristics


Please click on the following website link(s) for a general description of Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc. service, including the service technology, expected and actual access speed and latency, and the suitability of the service for real-time applications:


Contact Us: Questions, Comments, Concerns


If you have any questions about Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc. Network Management Policies, you may contact us by calling our business office at 903-994-2211 or writing to us at Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc., PO BOX 619 Cumby Texas 75433, or come by our business offices at 201 Frisco St. Cumby Texas 75433 or email us at


Last Updated Nov 15, 2011

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